WildFIRE Partnerships in Research and Education

An international partnership focused on the causes and consequences of fire in the past, present, and future:

  • We bring together an array of fire scientists and managers to learn from each other and provide knowledge about fire’s role in the Earth System.
  • Our vision is be a leader in interdisciplinary discovery, education, and engagement focused on wildfire in temperate ecosystems, starting in New Zealand, Australia and the western U.S., but with the goal of extending fire science more broadly.

Submit PIRE 2017 abstract submissions

Please submit 2017 WildFIRE PIRE meeting abastract submissions here:





  • Interdisciplinary discovery to address societal issues concerning the linkages between the humans, climate, and biomass burning.
  • Interdisciplinary learning, built on the premise that fire science is best understood through integrated perspectives and basic and applied knowledge.
  • Engagement and partnerships in research, education, and service that ensure objective and timely science information on wildfire.
  • Catalyst and hub for collaboration on the fire activity across disciplines, perspectives, and institutions

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